Currently completing my Bachelor of Commerce (Economics & Finance) at Federation University Australia, I’m drawn to discussions on the internationalisation of University students and their engagement both with the content and the community.

In recent months I have been privileged to meet some of Australia’s leading ministers in Canberra and participate in welcome events for International students from the Indo-Pacific region. I hope to one day obtain a place in the DFAT Graduate Program as I’m quite passionate about politics, multilateral and geopolitical discourse and the role of Australia in the Indo-Pacific region.

Having just completed an internship with the FedUni Finance Department my mind has been opened to the art-like world of data and statistics, something which I will explore more on the blog in 2016.

I am a passionate advocate for education, whole living, compassion & mindfulness, as well as being an engaged participant in our own financial future.

Apart from my academic endeavours I am a foodie and bake when the mood takes me. Some of my favourite things are to sit in the sunshine reading of working on my yarn crafts and every now and then I sell the things I make.

Having had the sleeve operation done in 2014 I have been adjusting to life with a smaller food intake and am currently becoming addicted to the local gym in an effort to tone and strengthen my new body.

These pages are for me but also for you so feel free to comment on the posts and share your ideas with me. Hope you enjoy it, looking forward to hearing from you.


Kimi says ‘hi’

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