Gong Cha with a PEEP

I’ve had a very quiet week, in part due to some severe homesickness and worry for family who all seem to be going through some big things at the moment. I wish I could be there with them but it isn’t long until I see them now, only 6 weeks. Given this quiet week I haven’t socialised much and it was great to change this yesterday with Amanda.

It’s been a long long weekend here in Busan with Childrens’ day on Thursday and an extra public holiday called for Friday. This has meant that the Sejong Cafe in the dorms has been closed however so Amanda and I went out to Starbucks for a coffee and cake, both tasting a bit like disappointment. It was nice to chat with her though on all things Korea including language learning, delicious foods, people, K-Pop and culture and to find out more about her experience here.

Amanda is doing the language program here in Busan and is an intrepid traveler who makes my passport feel inadequate in comparison. We both live in the dorms and have seen each other around a bit but never really caught up before. Now, I will be popping up an interview here with her as one of the PEEP’s posts in the coming weeks so I’ll save the official introductions to then, let’s just say she is one of the sweetest people I’ve met and we had a lovely time wandering about yesterday buying makeup from ‘Nature Republic’ and following this up with delicious Gong Cha bubble teas.

I’ve bought a few cosmetic items from each of the stores here in Busan and I find the quality to be excellent and the price is pretty much unbeatable. There is so much to choose from and it’s been nice to learn more about products and try things out… a little confidence boosting.

Now to the Bubble Tea: ERMAGERD I love bubble tea. I think I’m going to have a chat with the cafe back at Uni to see if they can introduce them for Summer… we have so many Asian students on campus that it could be a good draw-card and probably wouldn’t be that difficult to facilitate. Alternately I’m just going to have the tapioca pearls in my fridge ready whenever I want to make myself one and will try all the variations possible. The Gong Cha chain has by far been the most delicious I’ve had yet and I love that you can select so many different options:

Gong Cha with a PEEP by @Owlslovepears

I chose 30% sweet; regular ice; earl grey milk tea; with tapioca pearls.

It was just sweet enough, and the earl grey flavour was super delicious, the only thing I would change would be to choose less ice.

Gong Cha with a PEEP by @Owlslovepears

We then wandered back to the campus and chatted about family and friends and the experience here in general. It was really pleasant afternoon and a great excuse to get out of the dorm room. 

Gong Cha with a PEEP by @Owlslovepears

So it was a lovely day, with beautiful weather and the gardens on campus looking splendid, and a random singing group on the way back past the global lounge.

Now I’m off to have a vanilla latte at the Sejong Cafe which is open today and attempt to Skype my mum for mothers day.

Take Care


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