PKNU FiSH – Getting Set Up in the Dorms

There are some things you will need for dormlife at PKNU that you won’t anticipate needing and some you will. The following is a list of things you will probably need to bring with you from home or consider buying when here for life in the dorms.

Bring from Home

  • Towels (if you can)
  • Sheets, blanket and pillow (if you can)
  • Toothpaste (I have found the toothpaste here different to the one I like from home)
  • Deodorant (especially if you have a favourite)
  • Special items that you like from home
  • Notepads, stationery and academic books (again, if you can)

Prepare to buy

  • Laundry liquid
  • Bathmat
  • Clothes airer
  • Towels (if you didn’t bring them)
  • Sheets, blanket and pillow (if you didn’t bring them)
  • Toiletries (again, if you didn’t bring them)
  • All meals before the cafeteria opens the day semester starts#

So on the buying the following points should help you out:

  1. don’t go to megamart unless you have a megabudget or can’t find the locations mentioned in this post. There are numerous stores around the place that sell things for a fraction of the megaprices of this major store.
  2. shop around and try to find the best price. You won’t have enough laundry to do a full load until at least a week into the trip so you won’t need to stress about getting laundry items immediately. Shop around and compare prices.
  3. Daisou market is located downstairs in the subway station and is a great place to pick up things very affordably though the quality may be a touch hit and miss. Having said that though, I love the hand cream (W1000 a tube) and the stationery is quite cheap and perfectly useful.
  4. There are other shops you can go to like Spau and when you feel more adventurous you can actually head out of Namgu area and maybe go to Seomyeon or other locations for items like clothes, bedding etc.

For other purchases note the following:

  1. ARTBOX is amazing … if you think you might have an addiction to all things pens, paper, stickers, etc. please don’t go to this store without your Stationery Lovers Anonymous sponsor … it is very very dangerous. I am however very happy with my instax printer thank you for asking 🙂
  2. Food around campus is pretty cheap and quite delicious… especially if you eat out with others. Some favourite foods around campus include Jjimdak, Japanese Curry, Kimchi Jjigae, Bibimbap, Chimak and SOL Pizza… among many others.

Have I missed anything? What else would you suggest or think you need to bring? let me know in the comments below.


#If you arrive early you will have to buy your own meals around campus as the restaurant doesn’t open until the first day of semester. Meals are cheap but with three a day and if you don’t know any Korean you may find it difficult. 


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