The PKNU Pink Campus

She’s back… after a week… a very long week without a computer (after probably the most poorly timed Bios error moment around) I have bought myself a newly released Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S and will get my laptop repaired in Australia… maybe my insurance can cover it. So aside from now being able to work on my study and SFP work … THE BLOGGING CAN RESUME!

PKNU Pink Campus by @owlslovepears

Now spring time post… because it is April in Busan and it is just so pretty:

First things first… I LOVE CHERRY BLOSSOM LATTES! Thank you Starbucks!

The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

Upon arriving at the campus all I heard was how wonderful it was I was coming in Spring because I would get to see the campus go pink. I heard people rave about the blossoms and the fact that tourists come to the Daeyon campus to take photos of the beautiful blooms that are only with us for a few weeks in the year. People assured me it would be very beautiful and like nothing I had seen before… They are not wrong. This campus is stunning in Spring and I’m loving how this place constantly surprises me with the new things, people, features or fun it has here.
The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

This week some other PEEPs and I played Football (for my Australian followers … [Soccer]) and it was so much fun. I did it barefoot, because girly flats in goal could make for interesting funtimes, and managed to stop a few from getting through but not as many as I would have liked. Might pop a post up here on this at some stage.

The PKNU Pink Campus by @OwlslovepearsI’ve started journaling and, although I can’t pop a post of the page that I have completed here, I have shared with you a picture of the journal itself and the bag that I have hand sewed to keep it in. The use of washi tape and stickers and pens etc is quite fun and to ‘create’ is something I have been missing… Probably should have packed some knitting to do while I am here.

The PKNU Pink Campus by @Owlslovepears

I have also bought myself a colouring book that I have started to do pages in when I have downtime and don’t feel like leaving the dorm for walking around.

Classes are all going well, apart from not being able to do a presentation because my computer was dead I am enjoying all three of them immensely.

So here is to the next 10ish weeks moving more smoothly and at a good pace towards the end of semester… we had Holi Hai (Indian Colour Festival) yesterday and I will share photos of this amazing day on the blog soon.

Have a lovely weekend all.



2 thoughts on “The PKNU Pink Campus

  1. Oh the blossoms are beautiful. They are my all time fav and would LOVE to recreate this here. Just stunning.


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