Hangug-eo sigsa – Sushi Box

Sometimes the cafeteria offers items that as a westerner I am not too sure I like. For the most part I will try things, except if it is fish, and although my palate is reasonably global we’re not always going to want to eat everything that is set.

Hangug-eo sigsa - Sushi Box by @owlslovepears

So with this in mind on a visit to Megamart to pick up another, much needed, pillow I also picked up some sushi from the store. Yes, you read that correctly, I bought sushi from a haberdashery shop that also sells clothes, food, electronics etc. It is like BigW meets Costco: everything you could need under one roof; no buying in bulk required and no membership card.

Hangug-eo sigsa - Sushi Box by @owlslovepears

Hangug-eo sigsa - Sushi Box by @owlslovepears

For ₩2300 I picked up 4 pieces of sushi: 2 tamogo (because, favourite); 1 salmon; and 1 that was wrapped in cheese and had what smelled like a crab salad on top. They also give you two sachets of soy sauce which means I didn’t have to buy a bottle.

Hangug-eo Sigsa by @Owlslovepears

Hangug-eo Sigsa by @Owlslovepears

These are seriously the cutest snack-sized Japanese noms I’ve had in a ages. They are individually wrapped and you select them yourself from the store placing them in the box. The person will then calculate it up, add the soy sauce and add the price to the box. It is like buying items from the deli, you then pay at the register.

Hangug-eo sigsa - Sushi Box by @owlslovepears

I’ll definitely be having these as an alternative in my fridge or a 20 min walk away as it is open past 11pm. By all means be adventurous and try them all… there were heaps of different versions including a sparkly shrimp one that I’m certain was made by fairies.



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