Exploring PKNU Campus

PKNU has two campuses in Busan and I am staying at the Daeyeon-dong campus near Gwangnam bridge.

Through the excellent people I’ve met here both ongoing International Exchange students and Korean students, including iFriends, I’ve been introduced to the campus and its surrounds to a point where it is familiar now.

Exploring Campus by @owlslovepears

This is one of the best ways to combat the feelings of disorientation and overwhelm when you are in a foreign country, I think. Even if you are not sure about the right words to use or how to interpret the written language you can at least know that you can safely and easily get back to a space where you are comfortable and secure. Your confidence will grow, mine has, and you will find that you explore further and further with every passing day.

Exploring Campus by @owlslovepears

Exploring Campus by @owlslovepears

On my campus there are blocks of buildings, it is so orderly my friend Tegan would like it very much I think. You have the main administration building in the A blocks just down from the Twosome Café (free wifi) and Popeyes. This is also the bock where we will be learning Korean.

Exploring Campus by @Owlslovepears

Exploring Campus by @Owlslovepears

Then the B, C, D and E blocks comprise the rest of the campus. As a Commerce (Economics) student my department is located in C25 and the classes for International Relations and World Politics and Economics Geography of Europe and Asia will be held in this building. The layout of the rooms is great and have a look under the desks in the lecture setting as you may find hooks for your bags *takes idea home*.

Exploring Campus by @owlslovepears

Exploring Campus by @owlslovepears

There are many restaurants and cafes on campus and you will be able to login to the eduroam network on your phone or link into the café ‘wipi’ if you ask for a password (or double check at the register as some list it on a sign there). I will do separate posts on the above features at a later date as they are all useful PKNUFiSH posts.

Exploring Campus by @owlslovepears

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be getting set for my first week of ‘real’ classes including buying my textbooks, which could be an interesting mission… wish me luck.



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