PKNU Foreign (International) Student Hacks or PKNUFiSH

When you first arrive in South Korea and Busan, known for its fishing industry, you might feel like a ‘fish’ out of water. And, it’s quite difficult when you have to ‘fish’ for answers from people or a sea of incoherent characters. So throughout my exchange semester in Busan, through a series of posts, I’ll be sharing some PKNU Foreign Student Hacks. I’ve called these #PKNUFiSH and hopefully these will help you navigate life on campus as an English-speaking student.

Depending on your level of cultural shock, homesickness, FOMO and your personality type you may feel a mix of emotions upon your arrival in South Korea. There will be the obvious ones of excitement, elation, anticipation, nervousness and a little worry; as well as these you might feel panic, overwhelm, lost, trapped and/or lonely. Please know that this is ok and these feelings will pass. I hope that the information contained in this series of posts will help you somewhat as you begin your journey in Busan.

Some of the posts include:

  • Learning Korean – some basic words to get you by
  • Korean etiquette
  • Getting to and around PKNU in Busan
  • Getting setup in the dorms
  • Getting around campus
  • Helpful mobile apps
  • The iFriend program and Office of International Affairs
  • Connecting with other International Students
  • Administration process including alien registration, bank account, mobile phone sim, paying for dorm, insurance and others.
  • Doing your laundry
  • Sampling the local food

Best of luck to you all on this venture, hopefully you find this coming series of posts a useful guide and they help to make your transition to student life in South Korea as smooth as possible. Remember that you can do this and that, although it may seem difficult it is going to get easier, just take the time to relax and breathe and refocus yourself. *re-reads that and decides to take own advice*… bring it on!



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