And away we go

Well #CathAndKimchi is off and running now and I’m super excited if a little nervous for what is behind the very big doors of international departures. Dad and I are going for dumplings before we depart… yes Fu Man Lou, it appears I just can’t get enough. unfortunately I have come down with a little cold but I’m hoping it nicks off quick smart. I have a mate from the New Colombo Plan table at the Australia Awards last year who lives in Seoul. We are meeting up Wednesday night for a meal and a drink in Seoul near the university. My only other missions for that day are to find the Totoro cafe/shop in Hongdae and the Hello Kitty cafe, check into my accommodation for the night and explore until I have dinner with my friend. We’ve started a new hashtag  which says Thanks Mate in Korean.

I’m writing this post ahead of time in order to be able to type it without fighting tears… I will have said goodbye to my folks pre-departure and on top of my sisters and my gorgeous Ballafornian family (who I am missing like crazy already) I think I’ll need a day or two to settle into Korea before I’m able to post on the blog. I’ll definitely share some Instagram love though so keep an eye on that feed too. There will also be some Snapchat action so add me there (@owlslovepears) for a look at some behind the scenes travel pics.

So stay in touch and feel free to add me on other platforms… I’m off to fly on a plane… but technically that’s ‘later today Cate’s job’ for now I’m going to rest.

Catch you on the flip side/South Korea!



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