It’s only temporary…

Shakespeares Juliet exclaimed that “…parting is such sweet sorrow…” and I’ve read this line countless times before. It’s only now that I understand the gravity of its meaning and how true this supposed oxymoron actually is.

This weekend I say goodbye to my actual family but that is future Cate’s dilemma. Yesterday I said goodbye to so many beautiful friends who are my Ballafornian family and are so very dear. These people are the anchors to my day-to-day.

I’ve been very lucky over the past year to develop some strong and cherished connections with people who inspire me, beyond words, to strive for that something extra.

I can’t thank you all enough for your endless support and encouragement as well as your dry shoulders yesterday. It’s a big step but one I know I can follow with the other foot because you are right here… in my phone and right beside me as I go on this adventure we’ll call the #CathAndKimchi study extravaganza. I’m planning posts of temples and an embassy and parties and study life and new friends and all the things in between, probably with quite a few foodie posts and some soju.

So Juliet, my delightfully alliterative friend, it is such sweet sorrow to part from my ‘family’ and my family as well but imagine all the fun we’re going to have on this most exciting adventure!

Here’s to 4 months of funtimes followed by the greatest catch up ever upon my return!

Much love to my ‘peeps’ and all here today, I’ll be in touch often… you can count on it.

Dame Broccoli Cate


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