CathAndKimchi to the coffee-mobeele

I’ve recently learned the phrase TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) by watching some wicked peeps on the tube of the you (Rock on EYK!) but that’s totally not what this post is… this post is totally JR;RE (aka Just Right; Read Everything) Promise *slinks away slowly*

I’ve been sick the past few days because… well there is only one of me and I’ve been trying to do 4 people’s work (you’ll see below). Have had to have a couple of days off and the antibiotics are starting to work now so my system will be rid of the lurgy in no time *crosses fingers*

In the past few weeks I have been main-lining caffeine … mostly from Gordon’s House of Coffee (shout out to Emily & Gordon & the Ruby’s staff keeping my caffeine levels high) but also from McCafe and Golden Nugget drive thru *earns free coffees like a boss* .. Needless to say the planning has been intense and has involved some of the following:

  1. Packing a house and moving and all the organisation this involves;
  2. Getting things in place for work for the semester while I’m overseas (still working but…you know… funtimes);
  3. Finalising research for my Research Assistance position;
  4. Tutoring the most delightful Australia Awards Scholar, who is beginning an MPA at FedUni this year *waves hello to Soimali*;
  5. Learning Korean … or at least learning to read it a little bit; and
  6. Planning the trip by getting the visa and luggage and ticket and insurance and winter clothes (almost impossible in Summer so … I’ll be wearing layers friends… multiple layers) and organising accommodation and applying for scholarships…

… SPEAKING OF SCHOLARSHIPS.. *oh yeah!* I received the New Colombo funding that I applied for and am now crossing everything that I can qualify for the OS Help funding so that I can actually do things while I’m over there.

AND SPEAKING OF THINGS… my list is getting so very, very long!

  • Obviously study is a key thing to do whilst in South Korea…
  • Eat & Drink:
    • kimchi
    • jeju pork bbq in…
      •  …Jeju do
    • salted ice cream on Slow Island
    • bubble tea
    • yukhoe (raw beef)
    • ddongkatsu
    • dakgalbi
    • mandu
    • kimbap
    • jeon
    • bibimbap
    • patbingsu (if it’s around)
    • samgyeopsal
    • bbokeumbap
    • Busan soju called “Joeun Day”
    • that red bean wrapped pastry thing
    • HOT CHILLI LAMB dish
    • giant ice creams & SO MUCH MORE
  • Go on a DMZ tour … **it’s ok Amy I’ll go on a tour**
  • Try SoMak
  • Visit a bunch of buddhist temples
  • Go hiking in busan
  • Ride everywhere
  • Roadtrip to Jeonju, Sokcho, Yongin, Chuncheon, Seoul among others
  • Gwangjang market
  • Changdeokgung palace
  • Visit Shojeeb in Seoul
  • Meet Daniel in Busan
  • Do a K-Pop dance off with friends
  • find the Sailor Moon cafe *EMMMMMMMMA I’m on it*
  • VISIT THE TOTORO CAFE AT INCHEON AIRPORT ***I’m looking at you Tegan and Liana… prepare for the awesome***
  • and there is much more to be added, I mean it’s 4 months!

So now, it’s only 13 days until I fly out and all I’m waiting on is the visa from the Korean Embassy in Melbourne and some more currency to arrive… I have to admit to having pre-packed my luggage *smiles like nerd* and will pop up a post on the method I’ve used because I’m totally in love with it.

What else should I add to my list of things to do whilst in South Korea? Give me some suggestions in the comments below 🙂



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