What’s next? Preparing for South Korea

Heading off on exchange is the most exciting thing I have ever done and that includes two trips to the UK, meeting some of my favourite politicians in Canberra (don’t judge me) aaaaand meeting Phil Liggett *waves (hello) annyeonghaseyo 안녕하세요 to Phil*.

I officially leave in 28 days and it is occurring to me how much I have yet to do before I leave. Now, I’m an organiser of sorts… I mean, I am usually pretty good at helping to organise events, activities, admin things and other people… but when it comes to me, as my dad would say, “I suck as a PA”! I leave much to the last minute, forget to prioritise myself over work or other activities and have difficulty saying … n-n-n-no, which means I take on too much.

I’ll practice that last one some more this year I think… in the meantime I have created a hashtag for my adventure #CathAndKimchi and have dubbed Kimi ‘Cabbage’ in honour of the trip… she’s growing to like her new nickname I think.

What's next? Preparing for South Korea by @owlslovepears
I’d like to paws this blogpost to say … I gunna miss this foot!

The biggest to do of all is to get the Visa for the trip which I will be doing this week. Apart from doing this, moving house and sorting out work stuff-and-things my biggest conundrum is ‘what does one pack in ones suitcase for four months in South Korea’?

So far my list includes:

  • Tech items like: laptop; tablet; memory sticks; headphones; phone; ipod; voice recorder for lectures; and smartwatch.
  • Toiletries including: makeup; accessories like brush & toothbrush; perfume; moisturiser; deodorant; and femme products.
  • Clothes for a winter-spring change of season, such as: skirts, boots, pants, sweaters, scarves, singlets, cardigans, jacket, flats and much underwears -yes!

I also have some fun things like journal and well thumbed and bookmarked guidebook to take with me but that will be in my carry on… oh and that’s another question. What to put in the carry on? Should I get a neck pillow? What else do professional travellers put in their carry on?*

Now I’m off to drink a green tea and listen to the thunderstorm that is drifting through Ballafornia as I watch Simon and Martina (eat your kimchi) videos on youtube!

*Tell me in the comments what you would take with you on a 4 month South Korean adventure… especially if you are a shiny semi-professional-flying-type-traveler with much carry on knowledge.



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