Despite the obstacles

So the South Korea trip is taking a stressful and not so exciting turn but I’m confident that it will all work out in the end…at least today I am… yesterday was a different story.

A lack of funds available to meet the Visa requirements means I’m having to do a little fundraising and I’ve decided to do this with an impromptu garage sale of clutter and the things I’ve little use for. It seems to have touched a nerve, with some in the family though, and this is prompting a very new feeling/response in me: “I will no longer justify or explain myself! My life choices are not people’s business unless I share them; and their judgement is unwelcome unless sought”. The moment I decided this was a little uneasy but so far it is sitting well, we’ll see how I go with it.

Aside from this personal revelation, and only 2 coffees, there has not been much on this weekend. I’ve cleaned the house, got my sausage from Bunnings to support the CFA & SES, played mouse games with Kimi and am about to bake a cake for the garage sale tomorrow. I’m hoping to sell the bulky items so I can pay for the flight. Once I’ve done that I’ll get the Visa and maybe then I can start to get excited for the trip #wishmeluck. After this it’s back to work on Monday, so no long weekend here, but with Tuesday off to pack boxes and plan it will seem like a very short week I think.

Are you having a long Australia Day weekend?



So... thoughts?

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