Christmas Hiatus over…

Well what a huge couple of months I’ve had! Apologies for the lengthened break, there has been so much happening and 2016 has bolted out of the gates for me here!

Briefly: 2015 ended with much change and growth and a very defined chapter close. Some changes that have happened in the past months are:

  • had a lovely Christmas with my family & New Years with friends;
  • got a NEW (old) CAR! #thanksDad;
  • have a new role with uni and am looking forward to a busy semester;
  • I met the delightful & handsome Phil Liggett (& completely fangirled); and

  • so many other little things that make up a whole heap of FAB.

2015’s chapter ink was only just drying when I began to write the first chapter of 2016… This year will see me and the blog doing some wonderful things and the most exciting news I have to share is that I’ve been advised in an email last week that I’M GOING TO GO TO SOUTH KOREA! I’ve been accepted to the exchange semester at PKNU and the planning is now well underway.

In the coming days I’ll be posting about the planning and activity that is going on to make this #shiny event happen. I’m equal parts nervous, excited, exhilarated and curious about what the future few months will hold.

I certainly hope that your New Year has had an excellent start… what is on for your 2016?



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