Exchange Semester Abroad – Korea

FedUni has wonderful staff members and those in the International Exchange office are no exception to this. I’ve been putting together a last minute application to study abroad with them and so far everything has come together. Pending funding and acceptance, in Semester 1 next year I hope to travel to Korea to begin an exchange semester abroad with Pukyong National University. I have submitted my application and am eagerly awaiting the response from PKNU in the coming weeks as well as information about HECS funded OS Help dollars.

Exchange Semester Abroad - Korea | the Elegance of Economics
I have to go to this garden

In the meantime, and in the spirit of positive thinking, I have decided to start doing some research and planning:

  1. I will be learning Korean and have already come across some interesting sights, here and here, that will be helpful as I endeavour to pick up enough to get by in my first few days. I’m looking for a good app at the moment that is free and will pop up a review once I’ve used all of these sources. I’m not certain if there are classes locally but will also be looking at this as there is funding available through HECS to help with Asian language study prior to exchange.
  2. A winter wardrobe needs to be organised and I will be searching for sale items and probably doing a fair bit of op-shopping for winter clothes prior to leaving. I know that I am going to be getting a Kathmandu coat for the trip, a merino sweater, lightweight jacket gloves, some socks and am also planning to knit myself a jumper and mittens as it will be quite cold.
  3. Researching for things to do has already begun and I have found some great Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to follow which will be great to connect with people when I am there. There are some holidays observed while I am there but I miss the Festivals unfortunately. What I can do though is look at activities like rafting or visiting temples and palaces or learning how to cook the food. Definitely have to visit Gangnam for my Nephew that’s for sure though. Some good ideas are here, here and here!
    Exchange Semester Abroad - Korea | the Elegance of Economics
  4. Going to continue my challenge of Gymming it twice a day and walking/riding at least 5km a day in order to increase fitness and get toned for my time in Korea. I’d like to walk as much as possible and might look to borrow/rent a bike while I’m there so I can ride as well.

So there’s much more that I want to think about and look at but now I have to wait to see if I get through! Crossing everything that it can go ahead for Semester one but if not, I can still try in Semester two.

Wish me luck!



Where would you go if you could study abroad?


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