Working from home

As I mentioned in a recent post I’ve started working from home this week as projects have begun to wind down towards the end of the year. As a uni student I work in a number of roles both at and outside the uni, one as admin support for a Working Party and another as a PhD research assistant.

I enjoy both these roles immensely but am loving the Research Assistant role and feel as though it is preparing me for when I get to do honors *crosses everything* … especially as research is one of my favourite things. I have a great relationship with my PhD’er and we have a smart system worked out for provision of notes and suggested further readings.

This week on an at-home-day I worked on reading papers for the PhD in the lounge, out the back on the patio and even at the gym whilst walking on the treadmill, though the latter made marking the pages a little awkward.

I even had a furry supervisor watching over me as I read outside with my delicious coffee from the team at Fika.

Working from home also allows me to do other things like the aforementioned Gym session, or vacuuming or even baking cakes for my lovely uni colleagues. I have a great team of people at the uni who support and encourage and inspire me every day and as a student I can’t buy them all fancy stationery like I’d like to so… I baked cakes… specifically my delicious adaptation to a Banana Cake from the Commonsense Cookbook. I call it The-Best-Wholemeal-Banana-Pear-and-Raspberry-Cake-ever and you can get the recipe here.

Wholemeal Banana, Pear and Raspberry Cake from @Owlslovepears | the Elegance of Economics

Hopefully you’re all enjoying your weekend. I’m off to finish the knitted baby blanket which is so very late now that it is being re-advertised as a Christmas Gift.



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