FBS Internship

One of the features of a Business degree with the Federation Business School is the integration of an internship into the 3-4 years of study. Apart from providing the obvious practical application of theoretical knowledge and exposing you to what you might expect from the industry in which you may find yourself, it also builds your confidence and can create opportunities for your future career.

Working with an organisation for a semester, counting towards 2 units in your degree, is something which many universities are focusing on in these changing times for Higher Education. I recently went to the Engagement Australia Conference and it was something which resonated with multiple speakers: the practical versus theoretical discussion and the flipping of universities and the way they deliver content to students to include real-world study in an internship setting.

I am doing my internship with the Federation University Chief Operating Office working on two projects: one with the Strategic Planning team and the other with the Financial Accounting & Systems team. This sees me using my theoretical knowledge of statistics and financial management in great detail, with the added benefit of building further knowledge and a deeper understanding of that knowledge. To work with the finance department I had to send my resume through and attend a panel interview where I was asked questions to assess my knowledge, motivation and ethic as a student/person (or at least that’s my impression).

I’ve just submitted my first assignment: a report detailing the internship, what I expect to get out of it, what I expect to achieve for the COO and how I think it will enhance my current understanding and skill-set. It also provides a little history on the organisation and department in which I am working.

The added bonus of doing it within the university is that the people you are reporting to understand all too well university life and the requirements, that I as a student, would like to achieve. My managers are very sensitive to what I have to produce for my own reporting and academic purposes as well as what they would like me to achieve and it’s creating a great collaborative environment to work within.

If you are a business student with FBS keep an eye out for the emails from the faculty that outline the upcoming placements that are available and don’t hesitate to apply for the one that you think will provide you with the most substantial benefit for your degree.

If you’re not from the FBS but are keen for internship experience get in touch with your faculty to find out if they offer similar opportunities for your studies.

Tell me if you’ve done an internship with your degree yet? How did you find it?

– Cate


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