Business Studies at Federation University Australia

The Federation Business School (FBS) is quite different to other Business Schools due in part to the more focused program as well as the nature of studying at FedUni.

There is something, about being at a regional university, that lends itself to create a positive and collaborative environment for students. FedUni with its bushland campus layout sets a pleasing pace and there is generally an open door policy observed by most academics on campus.

It’s something I cherish in my university experience.

It enables students to take advantage of a broader range of leadership and networking opportunities with access to administration and support staff up to the Dean of FBS, Mr Bob O’Shea.

FBS students were given the opportunity through BUZZ (the Business Students Society) to sit down with Bob O’Shea, the Dean of the School, to hear the story of how he came to FedUni and became Dean of the School.

Bob O’Shea is an excellent speaker, charismatic and considered, and with his personable nature and unorthodox transition to Dean of FBS he is unlike many others who hold a similar role.

I was impressed by his journey to leadership at FedUni and it was somewhat of a privilege to sit down with this busy man for an hour and just chat.

Hopefully other students from FBS get a chance, such as this, to speak to leadership as well as become involved with it.


PS Bob O’Shea is on now on Twitter as are others from Federation Business School such as Sam Henson; and Alan Labas


So... thoughts?

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