Engagement Australia Conference

On 20-22 July I participated as a student leader in the Engagement Australia Conference held at the Kirribilli Club in Sydney. This was an awesome networking and leadership event arranged for me through the Federation University Leadership team at Student Connect. Flights were all arranged for me by the lovely Naomi and I stayed at the Glenferrie Lodge in Kirribilli, a nice area to walk around and super close to the venue itself.

If you are a FedUni student who is looking to do something different and take a step outside you comfort zone, signing up to participate in student leadership by joining the Leadership program is something I highly recommend. It’s a fantastic networking and professional development opportunity and one that may connect you with great and broad ideas, successful leaders and international personalities.

The conference focused on substantial ideas from some great minds and I was able to connect with the other participants including authors, and local and international academics including an adviser to the UN on Blue Economy projects.

This was my first conference of this scale and certainly won’t be my last. Some of the things we discussed at this event were: flipping the university not just the classroom; ethics of education on all levels; how universities can engage communities and students; and what the future of university education looks like, among many other workshops and panel discussions.

My biggest highlights included getting my #AcademicFangirl out and getting the autographs of two of the presenters Dan Butin & Geoff Scott, two people who left me with much to think on and absorb. This was closely followed by being asked to participate in the final panel discussion of the conference sitting next to Mr Scott himself. Speaking in front of so many people was invigorating and yet bewildering all at the same time, though by all accounts I didn’t fluff it up.

The team from FedUni included: Myself along with; Todd Walker (DVC Engagement); Sam Henson (Head of Campus – Ballarat); Harry Ballis (Head of Campus – Gippsland); Geoffrey Lord (Head of Campus – Horsham); and Jamie McDonald (Head of Marketing). It was a fun and eye-opening experience to be able to sit with these influential gents… they have all done some really great things in their time and I left the event with a new goal to participate in the FedUni Kokoda Trek next year as well as look into Mandarin language classes in China on exchange.

It was excellent to see some of the sights in Sydney and I managed to get extra time to have a wander… Over the Bridge at Sunset actually saw me get the below Opera House shot. It’s a really pretty city and I am a huge fan of the ferries… would love to spend a week travelling around.

#TouchTheSky ✈ #flying #sydney #conference #fedunileadership #studentleader

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