Elementary Watson

The book I read recently called ‘Average is Over’ by Tyler Cowan spoke to the advancement of technology and how this worked into the ‘new world’ we are seeing as a result. It’s a fascinating read and a book review will follow this post this week.

Welcome to a future where data can be collected, collated, stored, aggregated, analysed and correlated to do almost anything. The future Internet-of-Things is something which excites me greatly and something which I think we are being eased into as developments occur.

The future apparently is being driven by companies like IBM with systems like ‘Watson’. I’ve just seen this episode of MadMoney on CNBC and I am definitely going to be looking further into this.

If you’d like to look into the Watson system check it out here … alternately, if you know something about it that you think I should know please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week all… it’s a busy one for me as I start to plan bits and pieces for conference including my presentation on Critical Thinking. That and getting my assignments done and exam prep started will keep me very busy indeed.



So... thoughts?

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