I’ve mentioned before that I’m a mature aged student at University which essentially means I’m not directly out of high school or in my early 20’s. I wanted to write a post about life as a mature aged student but after chatting to a classmate I’ve decided rather to share my study situation with others.

In my case I’m single, work part time, participate in leadership, study full time, run blogs, socialise with family, exercise and run a house. I love all of these things but won’t lie, this past three weeks has challenged my need for a coffee IV and, blue cheese & bacon toting, St Bernard on stand by!

Here’s the breakdown of my commitments and how it needs to change:

  1. University is pretty much on track with multiple assignments and presentations on the go and my pre-reading being done, if a little too late at night. I’m aiming for 4 HD’s this semester and on my way there, I’m driven to lift my GPA before I don thatmortarboard at Graduation.There are numerous resources if you’re not going well with your studies or if you just need some assistance. Check out the Learning & Study section of the Students page for information on study, PASS sessions, writing and essay help and so much more. 
  2. I’m going to stay here in Ballafornia until the end of semester and not visit the Fam so much. This will give me back my weekends and save some extra cash.
  3. The budget went out the window and it’s been a tough fortnight with money, prompting me to look more closely at the planning of the finances and where I’m spending my cash. I’ve checked out the Smart Money website and downloaded an excel copy of their budget planner to look at this in detail.If you’re a student at FedUni you can also get some help with this through the university. 
  4. I love my job, because it provides the cash that I overspend at op shops and on blue cheese, but I’m definitelyreassessing where I’m spending my work time. Next semester there’ll be changes made to the work I do on campus as I become a PASS leader. I see this as a chance to spend more time on campus.If you’re interested in job opportunities on campus as well as presentations for personal and professional development – check out the CareerHub. Login with your student ID; fill out a profile; and the University can send you opportunities that are specifically relevant to you and your studies. 
  5. I’m dedicated to the leadership work atFedUni and now that I’m back in the swing of things on campus I’ve been able to get myself into a rhythm with people and have a project to focus on with Leadership Conference coming in a few months. I’ll be presenting a workshop this year (post to follow).You can also get involved with the FedUni Leadership program to add breadth to your academic resume and earn points and recognition. You could even attend the upcoming Conference and connect with other students who are motivated, driven and committed to making a difference. 
  6. The blog is going to see more pre-planning and more routine posts popping up. I’ll be adding the weekly update posts; sharing some notes from class: like my newfound love for Capital Budgeting and calculations for returns (post to follow); and promoting things from campus like the Help Nepal Appeal being run by a fellow student Jody*.
  7. The thing that needs some focus is the exercise schedule and the housework… I just can’t motivate myself to vacuum or do laundry at the moment; and going for a walk after work in Ballarat requires thermals, a heated jacket and the aforementioned St Bernard. Plan is to look at getting a membership to the UniSports gym and with all the improvements above there’ll be plenty of time to do housework on weekends.

Let’s be really honest, I love my schedule! I love that it’s manic and busy and would really have it no other way. It’s about managing time and being organised to get the balance right, and I’m 90% there.

What is your situation? tell me in the comments below


* You can donate to the cause by getting in touch with Jody and all proceeds will be headed to the Shauna Rose Kaufman Foundation to directly help the people of Nepal. I’d love to see them exceed the target of $5000.



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