Leadership Lunch

After yesterdays adventure in the city we have a slightly more sedate #LeadershipLunch.. or so I thought!

I never expected that speaker Thomas King from Animals Australia could transform my way of thinking and give me the nudge I needed to make some big changes to the way I consume animal products.

Thomas spoke to us about his passion for animals and how that led him from the Say no to Palm Oil website to being named Young  Australian of the year and speaker at international events.

He shared his experience of listening to a presentation where his views on meat were challenged and in doing so I found myself thinking deeper about my values and what was true for me.

His talk wasn’t aimed at making us go vegan or in forcing us to follow him in his mission. Instead he stipulated that being vegan is true to his values and that we should simply identify what we value and act in ways that keep these true for us. Just to ask… “Is this right?”

My favourite quote was that to effect change in others he sees that “it’s better to be a campfire than a bushfire” … I’ve been a bushfire in the past and this has already started to change but will certainly be something I’m more aware of and manage more actively in the future.

The talk provided me with the nudge I needed to live a more organic, wholesome life and I’ve decided to make some changes to the way I consume animal products:

  1. Natural fibers in clothing and no use of angora;
  2. Buy local meat from ethical producers who do not farm intensively and whose animals are treated with respect. I will own this and seek to #MeetMyMeat to ensure its the case;
  3. Buying veg/cheeses from local farmers to reduce the wastage ensuring the cheese is made from milk that is not intensively farmed or cruelly collected;
  4. Switching to soy milk because the practice of birthing calves for milk only to kill them unnecessarily as a ‘by-product’ of the dairy process disturbs me;
  5. Being a campfire of information to others rather than forcefully and too passionately setting people’s worlds ablaze with my ideas for change!;
  6. Listening, changing my mind, evolving and absorbing all I can to stay up to date; and
  7. Hugging animals whenever I can, because, fun.

Again, this is what is right for me. If you want to make a difference, make a value decision and be true to your beliefs. That and try to hear this young man speak, he is exceptional and showed me that, like him, I am simply capable of a great many things.

Two events in two days that have made me question and think more critically about my life than I ever have before… it’s truly transformational.



So... thoughts?

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