Vacation Application Time

So it’s my second year and time to start applying for vacation roles with major institutions and corporations. A friend just got into Deloitte and another into KPMG (congratulations guys). I’ve chosen government for my future career as I’m keen on the idea that I can make a difference to peoples lives by informing policy and assisting with education in the area of economic realities without the vitriol and ill informed opinion that is often mixed in with the facts.

I’m currently applying for a role with the RBA as a cadetship and it’s such a shiny opportunity that has my spidey senses tingling. I can’t wait to see how far I go with this one… certainly would love to get the role. Here is their blurb on opportunities for Economics and Finance applicants.

We value graduates from all areas of economics and finance – including macroeconomics, econometrics, financial economics, microeconomics and international economics – particularly those with a diverse background that includes accounting, actuarial, mathematics, statistics, and law.

As a finance or economics graduate at the RBA you may be asked to analyse key Australian or overseas trends, prepare briefing notes on statistical releases, research developments in financial markets, contribute analysis to monetary policy discussions, examine banknote security and distribution, participate in community liaison, and evaluate payments systems regulation and financial system stability.

Graduates in our Economic Group contribute to analysis of domestic and overseas economic and financial market trends, as well as forecasting, modelling and research relevant to the framing of monetary policy. Graduates with strong microeconomics and legal backgrounds are sought by our Payments Policy Department, a regulator of the stability and efficiency of the Australian payments system that reports to the RBA’s Payments System Board.

Many of our finance graduates are initially employed in the Bank’s Financial Markets Group, which is analytically and operationally involved with essential financial markets activities. Specifically, finance graduates assist in managing the implementation of the RBA’s monetary policy setting tool in Market Operations, preparing briefing papers on daily market activity, and contributing to the management of a portfolio of fixed-income securities or foreign exchange.

In line with our Financial Stability mandate, graduates with economics and finance training bring their particular skills to a multidisciplinary team involved in balance sheet analysis and risk assessment, and are focused on considering and developing policy responses to system risks. Financial Stability Department particularly values diverse backgrounds, including accounting and actuarial studies.

Note Issue Department produces, issues, reissues, and cancels Australia’s banknotes, and offers interesting careers for graduates interested in applying economics, finance, scientific methods and statistics to analytical problems. Its staff are currently focused on a number of highly visible strategic projects – visit the Banknote Microsite to learn more about Note Issue Department’s core functions.

So here goes nothing… This path I’m on right now is so perfect and for my future… “I’m all in”!

Are you applying for any opportunities? What is your dream vacation role?



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