Mid-Semester Break

It’s the two-week mid-semester break at FedUni and this means one of two things… either study really hard and get loads done in preparation for the last half of semester as well as a jump on the assignments or bake, knit, take lots of shifts and socialise with friends.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with either of these scenarios, it just depends on the coping skills that you have for the workload that you end up with, depending on the one you choose. If you decide to spend the time sleeping and chilling out then more power to you, just be aware that you will have a large amount of work to come back to and you may regret not spending, at least some time, sorting things out.

On the other hand, if you study for the entire two weeks, you may feel cheated out of a break and some down time. Uni can be stressful and you have to find your balance. Mine involves knitting and baking as these are things I can do without really thinking. I’ve also started to add recreational reading to the mix as it’s nice every now and then to not read a text book.

This semester, I’ve decided on a balance between the two. I’ve spent the first week working on side projects, knitting and baking as well as moving house. I managed to shift house and unpack in 2 days which for me is a record and I’m settled now in the new place so new habits like marathoning Brothers and Sisters pre reading chapters can be started.

The second week I will be getting stuck into the assignments and study I have to do for my two main subjects and other work can be scheduled in where able. So tonight I am sitting at uni with dinner (pasta and garlic pizza) getting stuck into the Business Information Systems labs and tutorial work as well as getting on top of the assignment.

Hope you’re having a great break.



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