Vale, Lee Kuan Yew

In the news this week is the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, an elder statesman and founding Prime of Minister Singapore. I’m drawn to SG at the moment due mostly to my recent trip there and my research into the country itself. It’s sad that He will not be around to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the countries independence – an event which he presided over whilst in office.

I’ve yet to study him and his work in great depth but wanted to share this video with you and remark that I find him fascinating and so forward thinking in the way he ran his country for three decades. I’ll be getting his memoirs soon to learn more about him and the life he led and I also found a book called the wit and wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew that I’ll get… I liked his manner and method and style as well as his seemingly moderate approach to the future of his nation – or so it seems until I read more.

Check him out for yourself in this video as he answers a great question effortlessly.. makes me wish Australian politicians could take something from his sensible and relaxed style, intelligence and poise.



So... thoughts?

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