She’s back

Well I’m back on campus this week at FedUni after deciding to discontinue my UniMelb journey early.

It’s been really great to get back on campus and catch up with my fabulous friends and the leadership team and people I missed while I was away!

I’ve got a bit of catching up to do but have already been signed up as an online mentor and am back into the swing of things for the most part.

Will be moving house in a couple of weeks so I’m sticking with 3 units per semester to ensure I have enough time for work, rest and play and hope to get back to blogging regularly about finance and economics, with some Vikings references thrown in for good measure.

My main economics class this semester is Comparative Economic Systems where I will be required to do a seminar presentation on Stagnation internationally when I review a book for the subject – more on that later!

For now I am heading to bed to read my weekly copy of the Economist and chill out with a cuppa earl grey and my cat. I feel much relief being back home at FedUni and, although I loved the experience at UniMelb in some ways… in others I’m glad to be back my old friend.



So... thoughts?

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