Here we go…

So tomorrow marks the first day of semester 1 at UniMelb for me and I’m really keen to get into it.

As I’ve done with other semesters I have a freshly made bed, a fortnights menu written out, a tidy study and bedroom and have just gone through my subject guides. With the latter, I’ve written out all the things I need to know like assessments and dates; required readings and suggestions from the lecturers. It’s been good to get an overview of the subjects and, as any good nerd would, I’ve popped it all into a graph so I can track the semester and tick things off.

Classes for me start on Tuesdays as I’ve managed to get Mondays off this semester which is great given I live in Ballarat and any reduction in on campus required time makes life a little easier.

I’ll post as I go along with interesting tid-bits and quirks and things I discover about life at UniMelb and should have a little news to share with you this week… so stay tuned… because, here we go!

Are you studying somewhere? What are your pre uni routines?


So... thoughts?

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