UniMelb O’Week 2015

O’Week has come and gone for me and it was excellent, busy, overwhelming, fun and a bit delicious.

There was the campus tour from my Orientation Host which took us around the campus and introduced us to other students. Hope to see some of them around throughout semester, some characters and great people.

There was the chaos of the carnival event which was absolutely packed and filled with stalls from banks to the Age to noodles and free popcorn from UMSU. Was a great way to showcase all that the uni can offer as well as providing some useful support to students by getting offsite providers in to spruik their wares.

I was struck by the bigness of the whole shebang: the campus; crowds; and the reality of the change I’d made had dawned on me… “I’m a Melbourne Uni student”.

On the second day commerce students had the chance to sit inside the Copland Theatre at ‘the spot’. This theatre is modern, comfortable and quite grand in its largeness. We were welcomed by the Dean Paul Kofman and were given advice by alumni, current students and staff, for our time at university.

We wandered and did our own thing for a few hours… I went back to the main campus and wandered around the old arts precinct – or as I’ve come to call it the “Harry Potter precinct” which is fitting as I overheard someone whistling the theme tune to HP as he walked through. This wandering was until noon when commerce students were treated to live music, delicious veggie (and meat) burgers and more clubs and society access on University Lawn. It had a really nice feel to it and was a fun way to soak up some sunshine and a little of the bigness of the week.

I’ve decided not to go in to the last two days as I can sign up for some sports at a later date and heading in and out from Ballarat is a bit pricey if it’s not required. I’ll be embracing my inner nerd tomorrow and reading the chapter material for next weeks lectures… gotta get that head start.

So well played Melbourne Uni… here’s to the next three years and all that they will bring.



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