It’s all official

So It’s all official now… I have been to the Parkville Campus to collect my shiny new student ID and get my books from the Uni’s Co-Op bookshop.


It will probably not feel real until I’m in a class I think, I’m still secretly thinking that they’ll tell me there’s been some kind of clerical error and that I’m not actually going there. Adding to these shiny new things I now have my new concession Myki and my student PTV concession card so I’m all set for the long commute from Ballafornia to Uni.

My subjects are popping into the LMS and I’ve begun doing some chapter reading because, lets face it, I’m a nerd and I’ve never found too much preparation to be a bad thing. The Statistics course will be my most challenging I think, as well as reading music in World Choir, I’m certainly challenging myself.

Next step is to find a backpack for carrying my uni books about the place and I’m hunting for something classy and ‘uni-esque’ in style. I’m getting some boots for autumn and winter, especially for the commute, to keep my legs warm.

Here’s hoping that I can get my bearings on campus next week for O’Week and the carnival and many activities and faculty sessions that will be held. I’m also going to attend a presentation by the Boston Consulting Group which will be fascinating, and should provide me with some insights.

Anyway, #WishMeLuck


So... thoughts?

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