My new adventure

So, I’m going on a trip on Wednesday to my new home-away-from-home, because let’s face it… I could hang in its library all night and nest in the corridors or on the grass… I’m talking about Melbourne University and I’m headed there this Wednesday for some self-guided pre-O’Week campus navigation, Student ID collection & PTV application and to pick up my shiny new text books. It’s like the excitement of going to camp. I’m left wondering if this feeling will ever go away because I hope it stays with me throughout my time at this beautiful and ever-advancing place of excellence.

O Week is next week and I’m undecided as to what I’m looking forward to most: the academic bits and pieces; or the carnival day!! I think I’ll have to buy myself a UniMelb jacket from The Uni Store, you know the one, zip up the front with white sleeves… old school style.

But for now, it begins on Wednesday … #bringiton



So... thoughts?

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