My summer reading

Like all good nerds before me I’m getting a jump on next semester and have borrowed books from the library on some key topics of interest for the coming 4 months. I have books on financial markets and institutions; how Asia has prospered over the years; comparative economic systems; econometrics; and (my favourite) how to write using tee-line.

My aim is to learn this shorthand for next semester to make note taking in class easier and I hope that by the end of my degree I can be fluent. I’ve loved Pittman shorthand for years and always wanted to learn how to write using this system however it is complicated and few places do classes. I’ve opted for tee-line as it appears easier to learn and I’m able to compare notes with others who I know use this system.

The most important piece of reading and studying I will be doing this summer is not the tee-line but the Final Report issued by the Murray Financial Services Inquiry this week. This will have far reaching implications on the financial system and process in Australia, if the suggestions and recommendations are not ignored like they mostly were in the Henry Review, and I’m keen to have a fluent understanding of them before the next semester begins.

Are you going to read the FSI Final Report? What do you think?



So... thoughts?

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