Networking night with FedUni MBA &

Yesterday Federation University Business School put on a networking night for students who may be interested in the MBA program or other such postgraduate studies. It was also an opportunity to hear Daniel Flynn of the speak and it was a privilege to hear the story of this exceptional company -v- every-possible-obstacle-you-can-imagine-for-a-start-up.

One of the many great insights he shared with us on the night was that ‘impossibility is simply someones opinion and not a fact’ and this resonates with me a great deal, especially given my journey to Ballafornia and through University. Another quote he used that will stick with me throughout my career is that ‘it takes great teams to build great dreams’.

If you get a chance to hear Daniel speak I highly recommend it. His knowledge and understanding of business is presented in a polished and engaging, if at times humorous, manner and you will no doubt be drawn in by the groups journey to ‘just the beginning’.

Thanks again for a great night.



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