New Colombo Plan

In news not really associated with Economics in general, I’ve applied for the New Colombo Plan (NCP) 2015 and this year at Federation University the Business School is sending students to Singapore.

The plan is an excellent way to build greater relations between Australian Universities and the South-East Asian region. It’s intention is that it transform the participants in ways they otherwise may not experience by staying on shore.

Though the program through FedUni is for a short 3 week visit it will be intensive and I’m delighted to have made it to interview. Just have to wait until next week to find out for sure if I’m going. I’ve already been researching Singapore and all the places I’d love to visit while I’m there.

Exciting times, wish me luck.

– C

Update: I have had the interview and been advised that I am indeed heading to Singapore next January. Thrilled with this opportunity and excited for what it will bring… stay tuned.


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